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HBServer Personal

The HBServer Personal is a perfect web hosting solution for the individual looking for a personal place on the Net.  It's the affordable hosting solution for you own web pages.  FrontPage Server Extensions Included.

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Package Basics   pdot.JPG (803 bytes) 5 MB Disk Space (more available through add-ons)
pdot.JPG (803 bytes) Your own domain name (www.yourdomain.com)
pdot.JPG (803 bytes) Complimentary assistance with Domain Name Registration
pdot.JPG (803 bytes) Free 24/7 Technical Support
pdot.JPG (803 bytes) Daily tape backup
pdot.JPG (803 bytes) Full time battery backup
pdot.JPG (803 bytes) No-cost Hits
pdot.JPG (803 bytes) 30 day money-back guarantee

Email Features   pdot.JPG (803 bytes) 1 POP email accounts
pdot.JPG (803 bytes) 1 Alias email accounts
pdot.JPG (803 bytes) 2 email autoresponders
pdot.JPG (803 bytes) Built-in Spam Relay Protection

FTP Access   pdot.JPG (803 bytes) Unlimited FTP Access (24hrs/day)

Technology   pdot.JPG (803 bytes) Microsoft® FrontPage® 2003 Server Extension Support
pdot.JPG (803 bytes) Full custom CGI execution capability
pdot.JPG (803 bytes) Perl, C, C++, SSI, PHP 4.0

Multimedia   pdot.JPG (803 bytes) Shockwave, Flash, Quicktime, Vivo, Emblaze, MP3
pdot.JPG (803 bytes) RealAudio® & RealVideo® HTTP Streaming

Monthly Fee: $14.95
Setup Fee: $35.00

For questions or comments call Reverend Hillery 203.746.2068
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