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"You're going to like doing business with us!"
  Donna E Bassriel, President

HB Company & Affiliates

HB Company & Affiliates

Web design takes more than just a programmer.  In today's marketplace web design requires a sophisticated mix of the artistic and technical, as well as a keen sensitivity to the individual needs of business.  At HB Company we have a simple philosophy.   We know that you are going to like doing business with us.  We understand that our success is directly related to your success and that a web site is an extension of your business.  That is why we take the time to listen to you and understand your business and then use that knowledge to craft a professional web site that will compliment your business . Your site should reflect who you are and your site should be designed to help you expand your business.  After all, isn't that why we are on the web?  To help us expand our business?  Our professional staff has just  the right mix to help.  In addition to 50 years combined technical expertise, our staff has 30 years of design and performance art experience as well as over 25 years marketing experience.    The Internet has the power to reach new customers in your community and on the other side of the world.  We will help you build a web site that works for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Our commitment to your web site success is how we insure that you will like doing business with us.

HB Company as a full turn-key WWWeb Development/IT/E-Commerce Solution Provider and Name Brand Computer Reseller, specializes in the following services:
Domain Search & Name Registration:
$ 70.00 for 2 Years
$35.00/Year thereafter
Web Site Design:
Starts @ $129.00 (basic 1 to 2 web pages)
Web Hosting:
Starts @ $14.95/Month
Pricing is based on web size and content;
Includes a one time submittal to Search Engines.
Annual Fee/Search Engine Submittal:
10 Search Engines every 6 Months @ $70.00/Year
Web Page Administration, Modifications, Additional Pages, Scanning, Digital Photography and Travel
@ $45.00/Hr (Minimum charge $45.00)
System(s) Installation & Setup @ $35.00/Hr
System(s) Network Peer to Peer Installation @ $45.00/Hr
Limited System Training @ $35.00/Hr
System(s) Upgrade & Setup @ $45.00/Hr
Hardware, Software, Cabling & Parts As Required $
System(s) Telephone Support @ $35.00/Hr
System(s) On-Site Support plus Travel @ $45.00/Hr

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Web development * Creativity * Graphics * Digital Imaging  * Programming * Interactivity * Copy production and editing (copyright) *  e-Commerce * Intranet * Extranet * Web enabled applications * Project development * Project life cycle *  Project management *  Programming * Java * CGI * Cold Fusion *  MS SQL Server  * HTML * Web Hosting * Domain Name Services * Promotion


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